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Hitler Parody

The final blog of this  semester is in regards to our Hitler parady,  I thoroughly enjoyed making it as it allowed us to have a free rein  on a topic we enjoyed, it allowed us a specified topic and it was highly enjoyable task. We decided to go for a twitter them namely because we have been using twitter all semester and it allowed us to show the usage and how celebrities and people utilise social media to get there voice across. It also shows the dark side of it when someone becomes obsessive and possessive they start to get the wrong idea, it could lead to to stalkerish behavious and it makes it easy for people to start tracking down and locating people.

If someone is skilled enough you can use an IP address to locate an address and when you update a status on Facebook it shows where you updated it from, little info bits like this make it extremely dangerous and it could be used as evidence if needs be.  Hitler theme is a very popular theme running on you tube and it makes it an extremely fun editing because you can say anything and it works.

Twitter and faceboook have exploded and have a combined user base of 1.1 billion meaning they have a vast reach and various other pcompanies now utilise this to get there message across and they also use it to advertise there products, Kim Kardashian is now paid roughly $ 10,000 http: to sponsor a product. It saves and costs for a a company because they can immediately target their target audience without having to spend loads on various costs such as studio time etc.


This website can be used to sign up and create a sponsored tweet.

Facebook is now a huge money earner namely because the amount of data they store and the amount of information the y garner from our personal info, it allows other companies to tap into their knowledge and utilise this power. Without us their is no multi-billlion dollar organistion and they are now starting to challenge the current giants of the ad world Google.

Twitter bosses up until recently had no idea how to make money from their product and now they started to use adsense and various other tools to target specific users.

So all in all twitter Facebook are great ways of keeping in touch and communicating with one another, it allows all of its clients a decent amount of privacy without restricting their product usage but it is still dangerous to talk and speak to strangers, and never ever believe what a celebrity has to say they’re all money hungry and grabbing fiends,  and are only on it for themselves.