MWC 2014

So now that the hype of MWC has died down. It in effect became a showdown between the current Kings Samsung and the new kids on the block Sony.

We have learnt that Samsung can sell water to a well, that much is said. According to some carriers, they are reporting 100000 pre orders.

Let’s get back to the nitty gritty, not only have Samsung raised the bar, but have they done enough to stop their rivals one upping them in the flagship stakes. Simply No.

The Galacy Note 3 was an exceptional device and I think Samsung may have put too much time and effort into that, because S5 to the S4 feels like an incremental update (minus gimmicky software).


I believe Sony with Xperia Z2 would have stolen the show, if they also had not just updated the Z1 ( which is a mere 6months old).

Through the Z2, Sony have managed to remove their biggest flaw, which is their screen. The bezels are down and it is looking like a very promising device. One underlying issue with Sony is that their flagship cycle will frustrate some people. 

I believe they can take a lead from Samsung/HTC in that respect and have an annual update, which would reduce the anguish and disgruntled consumers.

Why I believe the Z2 stole the show was, they managed to out Samsung samsung and now they lead on the Spec sheet. Only weakness being slightly underclocked Snapdragon 801 Soc.


The Z2 is waterproof  (ip58) whereas S5 is water resistant.(ip67)

Larger Screen

Larger Battery Life

3gb Ram vs 2gb ram

Less Saturated screen (IPS LCD vs AMOLED)

Also the design is an absolute masterpiece, where as Samsung have managed to make the S5 even more tackier with the perforated back plate.

With Samsung fliundering with their aesthetics ( their sales/interest show otherwise), will it allow Sony to make a dash to number 1, or will it allow the former Android Kings HTC to take their throne back.

HTC will release the new HTC One on March 25th, everyone will be eagerly anticipating it.


LG have yet to release the G3 and Huawei didn’t follow through with the promise of the Ascend P7. These should be interesting products and could be worth an outside bet to make an inroad into Samsung and the domination they currently have with the Galaxy S range.






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